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Lamborghini Learner Car Spotted In London – With Lessons Costing £20k

Lamborghini Learner Car Spotted In London - With Lessons Costing £20k

Lamborghini Learner Car: Many of you will remember the car that you learnt to drive in. Usually it’s something that’s fairly user-friendly, not too big and, perhaps above all else, affordable – just in case you screw up a few times. Vauxhaull Corsas and Ford Fiestas, that type of thing.

But it seems these days not everyone wants to keep their set-up quite as simple as what we’ve known, as you can now learn to drive in a £270,000 Lamborghini Aventador.

Credit: Alamy Live News

I know, it’s pretty extra, isn’t it? I wouldn’t even feel okay driving it now, let alone 11 years ago when I was learning the ropes. Yeeeeesh.

The mysterious luxury car was spotted on the streets of Kentish Town, with no driver or instructor in sight – and it was parked on a single yellow line about a mile away from the kerb, so looks like whoever was behind the wheel might not pass their test just yet.

Turns out the vehicle had been turned into a learner car by online course finder Get Licensed, having been dubbed the ‘Learnerghini‘.

The folk at Get Licensed claim they bought the Lambo from YouTube star KSI, before giving it a quick makeover to turn it into the Learnerghini, which will serve as a promotional tool for their new driving lessons platform.

Credit: Alamy Live News

The Get Licensed website says: “Get Licensed teamed up with Yiannimize to create the ultimate learner experience. Taking one of the fastest road cars and turning it in to the world’s fastest driving instructor car.

“Meet the Learnerghini! The world’s first Lamborghini Aventador driving instructor car allowing you to get behind the wheel of one of the world’s most exciting cars.”

It continues: “Forget about hatchbacks and start thinking bigger!

“Book 10 lessons in the Lamborghini for just £20,000.”

Ah, just £20k! Perfect, I’ll just whip my piggy bank out and see how we’re looking on that one.

CEO of Get Licensed Shahzad Ali told the Metro:  “Our aim is to make getting licensed as simple as possible and we want to help learners find driving instructors easily.

“We made the Learnerghini to help spread the message and get us noticed.”

Well, looks like that plan worked out pretty well.

Right, anyone got £19,999 I could borrow? Turns out my piggy bank hasn’t had much attention recently…

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