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Ladyboys Caught Stealing

Ladyboys caught stealing on Pattaya Beach Road

At around 1:30pm on January 12th Pattaya police were called to investigate a robbery by two ladyboys on Pattaya Beach Road. At the scene police found Mr. Henrik, a holiday maker from Denmark, waiting with one of the suspects.

Mr. Henrik explained to police that there were originally two suspects, however one of the suspects had managed to get away.

He went to say that he had been taking a leisurely walk down beach road, not looking for anything in particular, but just enjoying the scenery. He was then approached by two ladyboys who started talking to him. One of them was obviously attracted to Mr. Henrik, as he felt the need to give Mr. Henrik a nice cuddle. Whilst he was being cuddled however, the second ladyboy took the opportunity to reach into Mr. Henrik’s pocket and relieve him of his wallet containing 4,000 Baht.

The ladyboy made a run for it before Mr. Henrik had time to react, but he did manage to keep hold of one of the suspects. He called police immediately and it didn’t take long for them to arrive and bring the suspect in for questioning.

Police are now searching for the second suspect with the help of his friend, and will be charging both suspects accordingly. They are hoping to resolve the case pretty quickly and return Mr. Henrik’s possessions to him.

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