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Kuwaiti hit over the head with a snooker cue!

Two Muslims in a late night assault had a different story to tell the police after heavily drinking.
The Pattaya bar girl had one version – the Kuwaiti tourist out for a night out, quite another.
But the result was all too familiar – a tourist covered in blood outside a beer bar.
Police were called to the bar in Soi 7 off Beach Road in Central Pattaya last night.
On the floor was a snooker cue smashed in half.
Outside was Abulla Kha Salenesi, 30, from Kuwait covered in blood.
Bar girl Rotsukhon, 28, said that the tourist came in and pulled the arm of a staff member demanding that she go sleep with him. She refused and the customer started to swear at everyone. He was told to leave in no uncertain terms but refused to do so, she said.
So seeing as she was holding a snooker cue at the time she whacked him over the head with it.
Cue the story of Abulla:
“We were on our way home. The girls invited us in for drinks and we said no thanks – we were already drunk. They were persistent and pulled us in for drinks. I swore and lost my temper. One of them hit me over the head”.
Police were waiting for the tourist to leave hospital before re-interviewing Rotsukhon and Abulla and deciding how to proceed SN -EP

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