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Krabi suffers millipede invasion

Krabi millipede Krabi suffers

Thousands of millipedes have invaded more than 30 houses in Krabi with some residents saying they are allergic to the elongated creatures.


Klongtom residents say that thousands of millipedes are in their houses, with the numbers increasing with the rain.

Residents are using chemical powders but the millipedes are not affected. They are also damaging food.

Nitiya Sinpoe, 45, said: “These millipedes are getting bigger and bigger. We want the authorities to help us get rid of them. They also smell very bad.”

Klongtom District Chief Paisarn Srithap said: “These millipedes come from a private area nearby which has lot of saw dust and dead grass. We are contacting the landowner before we set fire to the original home of the millipedes and put some chemical around the area to prevent their return.”

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