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Korean man self harms after being “tricked” by Pattaya bar girl

Korean man self harms after being “tricked” by Pattaya bar girl

I know you will all find this hard to believe, but a Pattaya bar girl has been accused of tricking a foreign tourist from Korea.

No, really, the Korean victim told police that he had started cutting himself after he was conned by a bar girl, although he didn’t go into any specific details.

Police were alerted to the incident by eye witnesses, who had seen the victim, Mr. Jae Hoo Kim, aged 54, arguing with a Thai girl before she ran off. He then took a small knife and proceeded to start harming himself.

Arriving at the scene, police found the foreigner covered in blood.

The incident took place in the South Pattaya area, close to a gas station early on the evening of November 6th.

When the police arrived, initially it seemed to only make matters worse as the victim became panicked. After kicking off a little, police eventually had him cornered, only to see the man cut himself a few more times, before they eventually restrained him.

He was heard shouting “I have been conned by a bar girl – I don’t like Thai girls”.

The stand off between the victim and police lasted a good hour, and even the introduction of a Korean interpreter failed to ease the situation. In the end, it was a case of charging at and taking down the victim by force before he did any more damage.

He was given first aid, taken to hospital and then charged with drunkenness.

Source: Jowo77

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