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Koh Tao’s ATMs not filled after two money trucks crash

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ATM machines in Surat Thani had to make due with cash on hand after two security trucks crashed on their way to deliver refills early on Tuesday.


The Ban Nai Hood police station in Chumphon’s Lang Suan district was alerted to the accident on the Asia highway No 41, the Chumphon road, at 5.55am.

Police said the first money truck, a Geforce company pickup, crashed into the left side of a trailer truck, and then its rear-end was hit by the second money truck, a van of the same company.

The drivers, Charoenyut Boonsawat, 24, and Ekkaparp Chuayruang, 28, were slightly injured.

The two said they were speeding to catch a ferry boat at a pier in Chumphon’s Muang district at 6am to travel to Koh Tao where they were scheduled to refill ATM machines on Tuesday.

They said the trailer truck cut in front of them. Its driver, Boonyarit Chaisanam, 24, said he was making a turn into a market to load durians when the accident occurred.

He said he needed to turn from the right lane and had already checked that the road was clear, but the money trucks were speeding.

The two money trucks were hauled to the police station for the company to recheck the money.

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