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Khon Kaen BBQ vendor complains of being cheated of Bt4,000 by farang


Khon Kaen BBQ vendor complains of being cheated of Bt4,000 by farang

The owner of a barbeque shop in Khon Kaen’s Muang district has posted a photo of a western man whom he accused of defrauding him of Bt4,000 after faking a story of being abandoned by a Thai wife.

Sutheerachart Khaosida, 50, on Friday posted a photo of a man with tattoos on his head, face and hands and flashing his right middle finger.

Sutheerachart said he made the post to warn others so that they would not also fall victim to the man, whom he knew only as “Steward”.

Sutheerachart said the man approached him and his wife at their shop in the middle of July, telling a sad story of being abandoned by his Thai wife after he ran out of money. The western man said he was renting a daily room at an apartment near the BBQ shop.

Sutheerachart said he and his wife felt sorry for the man so they always provided foods as a good host. Then, Steward called him, saying he lost his wallet at the Khon Kaen bus terminal. Sutheerachart said he helped making posts on Facebook to find out whether anyone spotted the wallet.

The man later twice borrowed money from him at Bt2,000 per shot, saying he was waiting for a credit card from a friend.

But Steward later packed his belongings and moved away from the apartment, Sutheerachart said.

Sutheerachart said Steward later sent an email to him, saying he was “stupid”. Steward managed to spell stupid in Thai, Sutheerachart added. The email enraged his wife, so she on Saturday, demanded the money back but Steward instead sent back the photo of the middle finger, Sutheerachart said.

He said had not filed a complaint with police, would like to warn others not to fall for a sad story invented by this man.

After he posted, Sutheerachart said another Khon Kaen vendor spoke up that Steward had borrowed almost Bt10,000 from her before disappearing.

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