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Thailand YouTube bodybuilding star Joesthetics dies aged 30 

Joesthetics, a popular bodybuilder on YouTube, passed away from an aneurysm.

Influencer Jo Lindner, a German, became well-known for his social media fitness videos and for going to tremendous measures to maintain his figure.

He has eight million Instagram followers.

Just a few weeks before he passed away, he admitted that because of his uncommon physical ailment, he was afraid that overtraining may cause a heart attack.

Opening up on social media, his bereaved lover Nicha claimed that he passed away in his room while holding her and putting on a necklace he had crafted.

The bodybuilder, who has lived in Thailand and Dubai, had been experiencing neck ache for three days prior, but he was unaware of what it was.

He was in my arms when she said, “This is just happening too quickly.

” He had been complaining about neck ache for the past three days, but we hadn’t noticed until it was too late.I was unable to write much during this time.

If your guys knew him as well as I do, they would agree that he is the most amazing and incredible person in the world.
When the wall of an artery weakens, it can expand and become an aneurysm.

When he tragically passed away, he was waiting to join his bodybuilding friend Noel Deyzel at the gym.

“I’m broken, bro. You welcomed us into your home and taught us so much about social media and everyday life.

Your kindness to me and to others will live on in my heart forever.You still have a lot to accomplish and goals to pursue, so I still don’t think this is accurate.


Along with bodybuilding, his love of fashion, particularly trainers, and his unconventional hairstyles were displayed on social media.

You made a significant impact on the world, buddy, and you won’t be forgotten, Mr. Deyzel continued. People will continue to be inspired by the legacy you left behind for all time.

Just now, I’m at a loss for words. Knowing that you are no longer here hurts, guy. I love you, bro. You can relax.

Speaking on YouTube in June, he disclosed that he had rippling muscle disorder, a condition that can make muscles particularly sensitive to pressure or movement.

‘The heart is also a muscle, that’s my biggest concern that what if I get such a bad cramp that my heart gets a cramp,’ he told Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk.

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