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Jealous wife, 22, murders wealthy husband, 62, after finding condom in his pocket

A jealous wife admitted stabbing her elderly husband to death and dumping his body in a septic tank – after finding a CONDOM in his pocket.

Nitaya Saengmun, 22, started arguing with wealthy landowner Amnuay Waansila, 62, on Tuesday morning at their home in Udon Thani.

He pushed her over but she grabbed a knife, stabbed him and chased him into garage before plunging the blade into him dozens more times.

Amnuay’s body was later found dumped in a septic tank after police arrived at 10.30am at the blood-splattered scene where Amnuay had run a successful farm.

Police Major General Peerapong Wongsamaan, Commander of Udon Thani Provincial Police, said the wife called police herself and claimed that intruders had killed her husband.

But he said that officers were suspicious of her story and grilled her throughout the night before she confessed and was taken for a crime re-enactment on Wednesday.

She demonstrated how she stabbed her husband in the kitchen then again in the garage.

Pol Maj Gen Wongsamaan said: ‘’The cause of the murder was a fight in the family linked to jealousy. The dead man pushed his wife down. She got angry and took a knife to her husband.

‘’The dead man ran away and fell down in the garage. His wife then repeatedly stabbed him to death. After that she tried to hide the body and destroy the evidence.

‘’She could not remove the bloodstains so her plan changed. She made up a story that the villain was someone else who arrived at the home and killed her husband while she locked herself inside.’’

Nitaya told police that the argument started when she found a condom in her husband’s trouser pocket while doing the laundry.

She accused him of having a younger mistress and he became violent and then went to storm out of their kitchen at the single-storey home in the Nong Wua So District of the province.

Nitaya told a neighbour that her husband had been murdered then she called police herself to report the killing. But they did not believe her story.

Police Colonel Witsanu Janpum said the wife had been charged with murder and concealing a dead body. It is not known why the husband had a condom in his pocket.

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