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Jason Wilder, The iconic voice of the Phuket live radio passes away at 48

Jason Wilder of Phuket live radio-Live 89.5FM has sadly passed away at the age of 48 years old. Jason has sadly passed away whilst at the Glastonbury music festival.

The death has not been treated as suspisious but officers are investigating and making inquiries on behalf of the coroners.

Jason is most known in Phuket for his protracted tenure behind the afternoon ‘Drive’ mic at Live 89.5FM, a station that is a part of The Phuket News conglomerate at Samkong. “Sawasdee krub pi nong krub!” would be the show’s opening line. After then, ‘Jason’ would be broadcast nonstop for three hours. All the listeners had to do was hold on and take it all in.

Such a natural entertainer and engager, whether alone on stage, with close friends and family, or in front of large crowds. He was unquestionably the best foreign radio performer to ever work in Thailand.

He was exceptionally talented, constantly surprising, and difficult to turn off when he was ‘on’.He has a sizable expat fan base in addition to many close Thai friends. He spoke his own dialect of Thai, but it didn’t really matter because anyone who came close to him was always welcomed into his world of spontaneous and unplanned fun by his wicked grin and big smile.

Jason worked mostly in the music industry during his post-Covid years spent living and working in the UK, and when we last spoke a few months ago, the topic of conversation was Glastonbury. And he passed away there while engaging in his favorite activity, surrounded by music, friends, and undoubtedly a lot of love and joy.

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