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Japanese Man rams car into Pattaya go-go bar

Japanese Man rams car into Pattaya go-go bar

A Japanese tourist caused extensive damage by ramming his car into a go-go bar and then running into vehicles and property along Soi Buakhao, Central Pattaya, on the evening of July 10.

The scene in front of the go-go bar was chaotic, with overturned tables, chairs, and motorcycles scattered across the area. Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi, 60, driving a white Toyota Altis, wreaked havoc from Soi Buakhao to South Pattaya, crashing into several vehicles along the way. Somporn Srithong, a security guard at the entertainment venue, reported that the chaos stemmed from a dispute between Yamaguchi and his girlfriend, an employee at the go-go bar. The situation escalated when Yamaguchi threatened to ram his car into the establishment. According to Somporn, Yamaguchi rammed his car into the front of the venue three times before fleeing, hitting both passing and parked vehicles. Somporn and other security guards attempted to stop him, but Yamaguchi continued to drive recklessly, even trying to run them over.

Somporn suffered minor injuries, requiring six stitches on his finger and some scrapes. The pursuit ended when Yamaguchi crashed into the back of a tour bus, immobilizing his vehicle. Security guards seized the keys and pulled him from the car, at which point Yamaguchi apologized profusely. Somporn noted that Yamaguchi did not appear drunk but seemed to be under the influence of drugs.

Jaruda Thatchanda, 43, an employee at a nearby shop, recounted that Yamaguchi made three attempts to position his car before accelerating into the venue where his girlfriend worked. Fearing for their safety, she and others tried to move vehicles out of the way but had to flee. They resorted to throwing liquor bottles at Yamaguchi to stop him. Eyewitnesses captured videos of the incident, showing Yamaguchi’s car crashing into the go-go bar’s barrier, hitting a cooperative baht-bus, and fleeing. Another video showed a group of men surrounding Yamaguchi’s car, throwing stones and tree branches at it, forcing him to flee again. These videos have been handed to the police as evidence.

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