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Jakarta police arrest man claiming to be killer of news editor

Jakarta police arrest man claiming to be killer of news editor

The police have arrested a man in Riau who claims to have killed Metro TV editor Yodi Prabowo, 26, whose death was previously declared a suicide.

Yodi’s body was found on a roadside in South Jakarta in July.

Jakarta Police general crimes director Sr. Comr. Tubagus Ade Hidayat said the police arrested the man after receiving a report from Metro TV.

However, the results of an investigation showed no any evidence that linked the man to Yodi’s death.

“After we brought him here, we questioned him and found no [indications of murder] from any side,” Tubagus said on Thursday as quoted by

He added that the man claimed to have killed Yodi to scare off a friend of the editor, with whom he was involved in a feud.

“He was angry with his friend, then uploaded [a video in which he said], ‘You don’t know who I am, I was involved in Yodi’s murder’. That’s the story,” Tubagus said, adding that the man had been sent home after questioning.

The police maintained their previous conclusion that Yodi had died by suicide.

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Yodi was found dead on the roadside of the Pesanggrahan Jakarta outer ring road by three local children who were flying kites at around 11.45am. on July 11.

The police said evidence found at the scene and the forensic investigation did not suggest there that other parties had been involved with the editor’s death, which is believed to have occurred on July 8.

Four stab wounds were found on Yodi’s chest and one on his neck. DNA on both the handle and the tip of the knife found at the scene matched that of the victim.

The police said Yodi had visited a specialist at a hospital in Central Jakarta several days prior to his death about a medical condition, which could have triggered depression.

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