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Jackson ‘made victims bend over and pull his nipples in grim sex sessions’

Jackson 'made victims bend over and pull his nipples in grim sex sessions'

WARNING – Upsetting content: In Leaving Neverland, accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim The King of Pop had a chilling set of sexual

Michael Jackson liked to play with himself and have his nipples rubbed whilst making his ‘victims’ bend over, his accusers have claimed.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck both allege they were abused by Jackson as child.

And the alleged sexual routines the two men describe are chillingly similar.Both claim the alleged sex started with touching, followed by mutual masturbation and oral sex.

One of Jackson’s favourite things, they claim, was to masturbate and have his nipples rubbed while the boys bent over on all fours and exposed their anuses.Michael would like it if you would bend over and spread your cheeks, then he would masturbate,” James Safechuck claims in explosive new Channel 4 documentary, Leaving Neverland.

Wade – who met Jackson when he won a dance competition as a five-year-old MJ impersonator – alleges that Jackson convinced him to give him oral sex, grimly recalling how unnatural it felt to have “a grown man’s penis in a little 7-year-old’s mouth…”

He claims Jackson would sometime lick his anus as he lay on all fours, and told him, “People are ignorant and they would never understand that we love each other and this is how we show it.”

Now a 34-year-old father of one, Wade admits he was completely in love with Jackson and didn’t realise he had been abused until he became a father himself.

I liked the feeling that I was making him happy, that I was pleasing him,” he said.

Wade’s alleged sexual relationship with Jackson came to an end when he went back to his hotel room aged 14 after a growth spurt.

He claims Jackson tried to penetrate his anus with his penis, but that it hurt too much.

The next day, he claims one of Jackson’s aides told him to check his underwear for blood and get rid of them if he saw any.

After apparently finding traces, he threw them in the bin before his mum could find them.

James Safechuck met Jackson when he starred in his Pepsi commercial aged 10, and was invited to join his Bad tour.

He claims Jackson invented code words for the alleged abuse, with “bright light, big city” meaning erection, while semen was “duck butter”.

As he got older, he says the alleged sex became more graphic in its nature, claiming that Jackson inserted a finger into his anus even though he asked him not to.

Bot claim Jackson never wore a condom during their alleged encounters. daily mirror


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