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Iranian Robbed as Thai Girl claims he didn’t pay for her “service”

An Iranian who took 2 girls back to his room has been left 40,000 baht short.

The money is believed to have been taken from the Iranian man’s safe after one of the girls complained she had not been paid. The girl was arrested but had managed to slip through the hands of police, only to be captured for a second time and brought back to the station where some questioning and of course, pointing, took place. The second girl is still on the run.

The girl was adamant that the Iranian man had not paid her for sexual services, even though this is illegal in Thailand anyway. The police dismissed the claim as a useless excuse and will be charging her for the theft. Her friend is currently being tracked down, but has managed to keep a low profile so far.

The incident took place at the B2 hotel in South Pattaya, and as police arrived, they were greeted by an argument between Mr Talebi Esfahani Mohammad, 55, from Iran and Miss Chanaporn Seuathaw, 23, from Khon Kaen.

Chanaporn was initially taken to the police station, but managed to run away. Luckily she didn’t get far as the police volunteers were on hand to bring her back in.

A short while later, the victim turned up at the police station accompanied by hotel staff, who told police that a total of 40,000 Baht had been taken from the room’s safe in both Thai and foreign currency.

He told police that he had popped to the bathroom to freshen up after some playful activity. He reappeared to find the 2 girls counting money, which he realised had been taken from his safe. He was then grabbed by one of the girls, whilst the other made a quick getaway with the money.

Chanaporn said that her friend was 46 year old Parichat Thaisamak also from Khon Kaen. Supposedly she had come along to keep her company only. Chanaporn repeated to police that she had not stolen anything herself, but had only taken the fee agreed beforehand for her services.

It’s still unknown why the Iranian is pictured with no shirt on, however, as there was no reports of any violence. Police are still hunting the second girl involved.

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