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Brutal beating for Iranian man by group of young Thais

Brutal beating for Iranian man by group of young Thai’s

In the early hours of Tuesday October 3rd, an Iranian man was the subject of a brutal attack by a group of 4-5 young Thai men.

The tourist was found at the bottom of Soi 13 beach road by the mobile police unit and had serious wounds to his head, with blood still pouring down his face and body.

He told them that he and his friends were visiting Pattaya for the first time and were walking along beach road, admiring the views when a gang of 4-5 Thai men armed with glass bottles pounced for no reason what so ever.

Unfortunately for the victim, Ali Khadem, aged 29, his so-called friend made a run for it, leaving him alone to fend off the attack.

Rescue workers gave the victim first aid treatment at the scene before rushing him off to a local hospital for further treatment and recovery.

Police took the victim’s statement and managed to track down and arrest 2 potential suspects. Both suspects point blank denied their involvement in the attack, however, police were not convinced and the two men were held pending further investigation into CCTV footage from the area.

The rest of the gang are actively being tracked down as we speak.

The victim was reported to be in a stable condition after the attack and could count himself rather fortunate that he didn’t suffer any serious injuries are fatal cuts from the glass bottles and other weapons that may have been used.


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