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Top 5 Interesting Facts About Modern Dating

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Modern Dating

Dating in the modern world is not quite what it has once been. Everything changes and dating rules also don’t stay the same. Some might say that there are no dating rules at all today. That may be true but still some etiquette exists.

Modern dating is at the same time easier but also difficult than traditional dating. It has its pros and cons that you need to know about. It is important in order for you to date successfully.

Otherwise, you risk doing something inappropriate or just fail. However, some things don’t change and among them is the inevitability of dating itself.

Therefore, stay in touch with modernity by reading about the modern dating etiquette.


We now live in the times of gender equality. For the first time in the last 5 or more thousand years women have the same rights as men, at least in the Western hemisphere.

This is a unique opportunity for you to save a lot of money. But it is also true that many men cannot communicate with women on the same level out of some subconscious desire to dominate.

Though many men may desire equality with all their hearts, 5 thousand years of patriarchic traditions are still in their blood.

It should be confronted on all levels because, though not all women are feminists, many of them today are more masculine than some of men. Consider this while on your next date.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and other social media service are inseparable components of modern dating.

Same applies for telephone conversations and texting. Modern dating depends on your ability to maintain social media presence. In case you’re not registered at, at the very least, one of the mentioned service, you risk appearing as strange.

Though using social media is not the same as online dating, many people get acquainted there. It is one of the modern dating rules to be able to communicate via social media because more and more people each day spend a lot of time there.

This fact indicates that social media presence is important.

Online Dating

Online dating made a revolution in dating breaking all conventions and leaving traditions in the past. That is why the winner in contest “modern dating vs traditional dating” is obvious.

Modernity is better because it allows people different parts of the world and different cities to get along and be together.

Online dating makes it easier for you to find partners who are more likely to suit you and meet your expectations.

More and more people today date online because it works.

Be Yourself

Modern dating etiquette doesn’t require you to be rich, beautiful, successful, intelligent, interesting, etc. Nobody is perfect.

And many people understand that. What is important, though, is for you to be yourself. That is what matters most because people respect each other for sincerely being who they are.

In the past dating depended on many external factors like social status, class, nationality, etc. But today we live in the age of individualism. Everybody is free to be himself / herself. Isn’t that beautiful?


Today you can date just for the fun it. In the past most cases of dating ended up with serious relationships. But we live in the time of striking overpopulation. Therefore, not all people are suitable to have a family.

Some just don’t want to be alone and desire to meet somebody to have fun with. Spending time together is the essence of modern dating.

Well, here’s the best modern dating advice: be yourself and have fun. Also, don’t forget to treat women equally even if they don’t want it. Good luck and don’t forget to maintain social media presence.

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