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Innocent street sweeper beaten up when royalists ‘see red’

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A guard at a royalist rally on Sunday (August 30) at Bangkok’s Thai-Japanese Stadium in Din Daeng allegedly beat up a man just because he was wearing a red shirt.

Din Daeng police were notified of the assault and took down a complaint that street sweeper Sukhon Puttan, 60, was beaten up by another man, who then fled.

It is assumed that the guard of Thai Pakdee royalist group may have assumed that Sukhon had worn red to show he was associated with the anti-coup red-shirt movement.

Move Forward Party MP Amarat Chokepamitkul responded to the assault with a sarcastic message on Facebook saying the party would help the Thai Pakdee group if they were threatened by officers, and pointed out that the rally went smoothly without any interference.

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