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Car driver not so innocent after food delivery driver broke her window

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A road user shared her story online after a Grab food delivery driver threw a rock at her car and broke her rear windshield.

After the post went viral, a witness who was also driving his motorbike right beside the girl and the food driver came forward and revealed that she is not purely innocent in the story.

The road user posted on her Facebook Aomamm Rawisada where she told her side of the story along with attaching pictures of the driver who threw a rock at her car.

The road user posted on 12 January 2020 stating “I was heading to the Anusarn market in Chiang Mai Province when a Grab food driver suddenly drove in front of my car. My boyfriend parked near the driver and asked: “Why are you driving like this, where are you rushing to?”. The driver didn’t answer and we separate ways at the end of the bridge. I didn’t think anything of what just happened as I was on my way to go shopping at the Sanpakoi Market.

When I arrived at the Sanpakoi intersection there was a loud bang after someone threw a large object that broke my rear windshield.

It all happened so fast and I couldn’t manage to get a picture but luckily there were security cameras on the road. The police found his license plate from the footage.

I tried driving after him but he drove into a small alley. Please help me share this post, Thankyou.”

On 15 January 2020, a witness came forward sharing information on the case. Banjong a hotel employee in Chiang Mai revealed that it shocked him when he heard about the incident on the news. He was in the incident and was driving a big bike right behind the Grab food driver. The car was driving in front of them with some very bad road manners. He tried to drive in front of the car when they were in front of the Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel but the car blocked him off on the road and kept increasing the speed. He gave up and continued driving behind the vehicle.

When they arrived at the end of the Nawarat bridge both of the motorbike drivers turned left. Now the Grabfood driver was right behind him.

After they made the turn Banjong heard multiple long car honks. When he looked behind him to see what was happening Banjong realized the car was following them and was honking at the Grab food driver to move away.

They finally separate ways at the Saphan lek Bridge. Banjong confirms that the Grab food driver was driving normally all along the way and was not trying to make the car driver angry. Checking the security footage from private businesses by the road should help confirm his story.





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