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Indian man and Pakistani man robbing other foreigners in Thailand

Indian man and Pakistani man robbing other foreigners in Thailand

The Immigration Police Successfully arrested a criminal duo consisting of 1 Indian man and 1 Pakistani man. They have been robbing other foreigners who are residing or those who are interested to come and work in Thailand. The two men choose to make friendly contacts with their victims to gain trust before threatening them for money.

Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration police reported the arrest of Mohammad a man from Pakistan and Kuldip a man from India. Both have been charged with robbery involving the use of a vehicle. The case in this story involves a victim from India who wanted to come and work in Thailand.

A victim from India asked for help with a Facebook Page named Tesco Man Power PVT Ltd Thailand. This is a Facebook Page that aims to help Indian citizens in Thailand whether they are working, retired, or simply residing in the country.

The victim was contacted by the 2 suspects who made friendly conversations. After talking online for a while, the victim felt like he could trust both men and decided to travel to Thailand on 25 June 2019. They met on Sukhumvit Road and agreed to travel together to Pattaya City in Chonburi Province.

Things started turning sideways when they were in the car traveling to Pattaya. The suspects forced the victim to hand over his phone, and cash worth 100,000 THB. After they robbed him of all he had, they threw his luggage and passport out the car window before kicking him out of the car. The suspects then drove away, they dropped him off in Nong Nan sub-district in Chachoengsao Province, which was basically the middle of nowhere for the victim.

The Immigration Police contacted the Nong Nan Police in Chachoengsao Province to help investigate the case after the victim came in and reported what had happened to him. They arrested Mohammad in a village located at Bang Pu, Samutprakarn Province.

As a result of the arrest of Muhammad, the police received more information that helped them arrest Kuldip in a condo at Lad Krabang, Bangkok City. The suspects will be prosecuted then deported back to their countries.



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