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Indian man on Blacklist arrested in Chumphon Province

Indian man

Indian man on Blacklist arrested in Chumphon Province

The Immigration Police arrested an Indian man who changed his passport and has been hiding in Chumphon Province. Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang the Commissioner of the Immigration Office reported the arrest of Amar from India. PIBICS and Biometrics helped find information that Amar traveled into Thailand in 2012 under the name Amarnath on a travel Visa. While he was in Thailand Ama was arrested for working without a work permit and the necessary papers. He was deported back to India and was registered on Thailand’s Blacklist in 2014. 

The blacklist is a list of people who are banned from entering the country by the Immigration Bureau. These bans are normally related to criminal offenses. A popular reason for getting blacklisted is overstaying your Visa for a certain period of time, the period of the ban depends on how long you have overstayed. In this case, Amar was banned from entering Thailand because he was working illegally in the country without the proper requirements. 

Instead of following the ban, Amar made a new Passport under the name Amarnath as usual, but this birthdate had been changed. This was done in an attempt to fool the system, so his information wouldn’t come up on the blacklist when entering the country. He managed to do so and reentered Thailand in 2015. Ama overstayed his Visa for a period of 453 days. After the long overstay, Ama presented himself to the police and paid the fine before traveling back to India on 28 August 2018. His name is registered in the blacklist once again for a ban period of 3 years. 

Amar returned to Thailand again in 2019, but because he knew Immigration Police would deny him entrance into the country. Amar used the same trick and made a new passport but with a different birthday. He entered Thailand and has been living in Chumphon Province where he was arrested. 

Credit: INN News


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