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Indian doctors filmed ARGUING during a c-section

Two indian doctors arguing during a c-section operation in which the baby died

This is the shocking moment two surgeons start ARGUING during a Caesarian section – in which the baby died.

The pregnant mother was rushed to hospital after complications during labour and was taken straight to the operating theatre at the Umaid hospital in Jodhur, Rajasthan.

But an outraged medic then filmed Dr Ashok Neniwal, a gynaecologist, and anaesthetist Dr ML Tak, who were in charge of the procedure engage in a vitriolic verbal spat.

They are seen arguing while the woman lies on the operating table with her stomach open.

Speaking in Hindi, one doctor is heard saying ”behave yourself, behave yourself” while the other responds with insults.

Dr Neniwal then threatens to beat up Dr Tak and says ”you stay within your limits.”

The baby, which was admitted already with a faint heart beat, was pronounced dead during the operation due to ”severe birth asphyxia”.

Hospital chiefs are now investigating the alleged medical negligence and whether the death of the child was due to the argument between the surgeons.

The Principal of Umaid hospital AL Bhat said stringent action would be taken against the doctors, who have been removed from their positions while the death is probed.

He said: ”Both doctors have been removed immediately and disciplinary action will be taken against them.”

Mr Bhat said when the woman was admitted, the foetus was already in a critical state and its heart beat was also very low.

The incident would be probed to find the actual reason for newborn’s death, he added.

Hospital superintendent Ranjana Desai said: ”We do not yet know if the death of the newborn baby was caused by the argument.”

One of the surgeons in the clip, Dr Tak, denied wrongdoing and said Dr Ashok was ill-mannered and fought with everyone including his own superintendent.

He told local media: ”He came to hit me with a retractor but someone held him back.”

Dr Ashok responded by claiming there was a conspiracy to make him quit the hospital.

He said: ”The video was shot by an anaesthesia team member, who had shown only a part of it.”

The incident has been referred to Rajasthan high court which has requested a report be produced before proceeding.

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