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Imminent WORLD WAR as Iran crosses the ‘NUCLEAR RED LINE’

Imminent WORLD WAR as Iran crosses the ‘NUCLEAR RED LINE’

Imminent WORLD WAR as Iran crosses the ‘NUCLEAR RED LINE’

Will Israel strike Tehran? US on alert for imminent war as Iran crosses ‘nuclear red line’
The US has raised alarm over concerns that Israel could soon drag the country into a war with Iran after the Islamic Republic breached the limit on its uranium stockpiles.

Iran has breached the limit on its stockpile of low-enriched uranium set under a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, according to sources.

The breach comes less than a day after senior US allies of the White House had warned that Israel would strike Tehran as soon as the uranium limit was breached.

There is growing concern that now Iran had crossed the uranium red line, Israel could soon step up its military confrontation with a strike on Iran.

Last night, Israeli jets targeted Iranian-linked military bases from Lebanese airspace.

According to Syrian state media, four civilians were killed and 21 injured in Israeli missile strikes near the Syrian cities of Damascus and Homs.

Israel has refused to comment on the strikes but has previously said it will not allow Iran to entrench itself in Syria.

The facilities hit were linked to Iranian forces, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a Britain-based monitoring group.

A base hosting the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) and a research facility in Jamraya was also struck.

Prior to this intervention, Republican Senator, and key Trump ally, Lindsey Graham told CBS:

“The most likely war would be between Israel and Iran if the Iranians started to reprocess and enrich beginning July the 7 in a manner that would accelerate their path to a bomb.

“Israel cannot tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. The world should not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran.”

He urged President Trump to prepare to send the “strongest signal possible” to Iran once the government in Tehran fulfills its threat to breach the limits on uranium supply.

Mr. Graham added: “This cannot be tolerated.”

The Republican claimed the recent moves by Tehran will place Iran on a “pathway” to a nuclear bomb — something that could pose a national security threat to both the US and Israel.

He warned that a full-blown war could break out between Israel and Iran if Tehran restarted its nuclear program.


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