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Immigration chief targets ‘Foreigners Behaving Badly’

Immigration chief targets ‘Foreigners Behaving Badly’

Immigration chief targets ‘Foreigners Behaving Badly’

A press conference yesterday was headed by the man who is settling into the role as head of the Thai Immigration Bureau – Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang.

The man who replaced the poster boy of the RTP, Lt-Gen Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, is known in the Thai media as Big Oud.

Lt-Gen Sompong told the massed media that he had taken down two foreigners for drug dealing abroad and in Thailand and his men had arrested some Thai ladyboys in Pattaya as well.

And he gave the media a number to call in case people see foreigners behaving inappropriately.

There were some fancy vinyl posters on display that gave all the details, rather in the manner of his predecessor who enjoyed a good visual presentation.

Case 1: Immigration officers in Bangkok arrested Demon Vineeni Jobin, 24, wanted on a warrant for dealing narcotics in the US. He entered Thailand through Suvarnabhumi airport on 12th February 2019 using a passport with the name of Dylan Robert Peck.

He was apprehended in the Lumpini, Pathumwan area of the capital last Friday.

Case 2: Danny Denise L. Van Der Vreken, 57, from Belgium was arrested in Pattaya with two bags of cocaine after police mounted a sting operation to buy from the suspect. A search of his room had earlier been conducted.

He has been charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell after his arrest on Tuesday.

Case 3: Following complaints from 2 Indians police in Pattaya moved to arrest three Thai ladyboys. The Indians told the police that the lady boys had got fresh with them in the street.

The Indians refused their advances but as soon as they had fled they realized that a gold necklace worth 18,000 baht and 1,100 baht in cash had gone missing from their persons.

A warrant was issued that led to the arrest of the gang at their residence.

They were named as Mr Darun of “Benz”, 34, Mr Wichai or “Rose”, 24, and 32-year-old Mr Winai or “Waan” (sweet).

They have been charged with theft during the hours of darkness using a conveyance in commission of the crime.

All suspects in the three cases are now in custody awaiting the next step in their relative prosecutions.

The Thai media said that the chief asked for the help of the public in reporting inappropriate behaviour of foreigners to his teams.

The number is 1178

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