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I have amazing sex with my big squishy man

PLAYING in the park with her toddler son Oliver, Sienna Keera stopped to give her fiancé George Keywood a kiss, then heard a kid shout: “Look at that fat boy!”

Breaking away, she saw some fellow parents giggling, while others stared at them in apparent disgust at the sight of Sienna — a slim size six, weighing 8st — with morbidly obese George.

True love - Sienna with George and son Oliver
True love – Sienna with George and son Oliver

Online, she has even been labelled a “gold digger” over her relationship with actor George, 27, who stars in BBC Three mockumentary comedy series People Just Do Nothing.

Sienna, a 26-year-old web influencer and mum-of-one, says: “We’ve had a lot of negative comments on TikTok, saying I’m after George’s money because he’s an actor.

“If I was a gold digger, I’d go after someone rich! George is just comfortable, we don’t have a high-rolling lifestyle, so those comments are just dumb. People also call George lazy and unhealthy.

“They say I couldn’t possibly be attracted to him because of his size. I don’t know why people see it that way, because obviously I am attracted to him.

“A lot of people stare at us in the street, which makes me feel uncomfortable because it’s rude, but I know we look different to other couples.

“On nights out, guys have tried to chat me up in front of George. They’d think they had a chance because of his size, but we just brush it off.

“I feel like there would be less judgment if I was big too. It’s more normal to see two big people together, or a slim man and a large woman.”


Sienna, originally from Sydney, Australia, was instantly attracted to George, who doesn’t want to reveal his exact weight, when she found his show on Netflix in early 2018 and decided to message him on Instagram that June.

She says: “My friend jokingly said, ‘He’s your type’, because I’ve always been into bigger guys and my mates used to give me a hard time about it.

“I said, ‘Yeah, he is actually, I might look him up’. I googled him and sent him a message saying, ‘You’re my favourite character on the show’.

“I was attracted to his smile, his eyes, and of course his big belly. Also, his thick thighs and his soft, squishy chest. I love the feeling of a bigger man.

“After that, we were messaging every day. We both had a similar sense of humour, and he was confident, charismatic, outgoing and very flirtatious.

“After we’d been speaking for a few months, I came to the UK for a six-week holiday in January 2019 and that’s when we met in person.”

Online Sienna has been labelled a 'gold digger' over her relationship with actor George
Online Sienna has been labelled a ‘gold digger’ over her relationship with actor George

Sienna rented an Airbnb in London for two weeks, but George stayed with her every night.

The pair then travelled to Amsterdam and Paris together, before she returned to Australia — having already decided she was moving half way round the world so they could be together.

After two months at home, applying for a visa, Sienna quit her job as a personal trainer and moved to Surrey to live with George — who proposed on a gondola in Venice in June 2019.

Shortly afterwards, she realised she was pregnant with Oliver, now 17 months.

She says: “The pregnancy was planned. We’d stopped using birth control, although we didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

“Our sex life is very passionate, it’s the best I’ve ever had. George is very flexible and his size doesn’t hold him back.

“When I first moved, my family and friends’ reaction wasn’t good.

“They didn’t want me to move so far away for someone I hadn’t known for very long, especially as they hadn’t met George, so they advised me against it.

“But I said, ‘I love him and I’m really sure about this, so I’m going to go with my heart’.

“They are all very supportive of us now but they were wary at first.

“It’s surreal, looking back, because it all happened so fast. I’d had long-term boyfriends before, but never even thought about kids or marriage. But when you meet the right person, you just know. It was meant to be.”

Sienna, who describes James Corden as her celebrity crush, says their diets vary hugely. She makes George a cooked breakfast, while having just black coffee herself.

Sienna was instantly attracted to George, who doesn’t want to reveal his exact weight, when she found his show on Netflix
Sienna was instantly attracted to George, who doesn’t want to reveal his exact weight, when she found his show on Netflix

She says: “I usually make him scrambled eggs, with fake bacon, because I’m vegetarian, and cream cheese on toast. He eats a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps with it.

“For lunch and dinner, we eat the same meals but George will have double my portion and sometimes sides too. George tells me he’s put on weight since we got together, but I don’t notice it.

“Before he met me, he wanted to lose weight because he thought that’s what girls liked. We joke about how he put on the pregnancy pounds with me.

“I definitely haven’t encouraged him to eat more and if George wanted to slim down I would fully support it, but he doesn’t at the moment and I love him how he is.

“There are health risks with being bigger but you can also be unhealthy and slim. George’s health is not anyone’s business except his own.

“I would still fancy him if he lost weight. We have a child so our relationship is deeper than just physical attraction, but I wouldn’t have sent him that first message if he wasn’t big.”

George says: “I’ve always been on the big side. My dad and siblings were large, so I’ve always had big portion sizes. But I’m at my biggest now, and also my happiest.

“Guys message Sienna and ask, ‘Why would you be with him?’ and people call my man boobs ‘disgusting’ and ‘vile’ online.

“The reaction to our relationship doesn’t affect me, but Sienna cares more. Being the size I am, I’ve learned to expect judgment. I take it with a pinch of salt, laugh it off and move on.

“I was surprised when Sienna messaged me initially, because most of the girls who approach me are on the larger side. I wondered if she was just obsessed with the TV show I’m in, but when we started talking, I realised she was genuine.


“I’m massive and I get that, but Sienna loves me how I am. People are always going to judge us for being different, though.

“I haven’t cost the NHS a penny, I haven’t got diabetes, maybe I have some shortness of breath but it’s not something I take medication for.

“It really infuriates me when people say I’m a drain on the NHS. I recently had a medical and the doctor said they were shocked I was this healthy. For someone of my size they’d expect you to have some health issues.

George says: 'We’re happy with our lives. Other people may not be, and that’s not our fault'
George says: ‘We’re happy with our lives. Other people may not be, and that’s not our fault’

“We’re happy with our lives. Other people may not be, and that’s not our fault.

“We love each other and we want to do the best we can for our son and for ourselves.

“If you want to judge, that’s fine, but we’re not going to change because of the hate.”


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