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Huge boobs desperately fundraising for breast reduction

A university student whose 32HH boobs cause her ‘unbearable’ pain is asking for donations to pay for a breast reduction.

Aminata Daboh, 20, who studies in Birmingham, has suffered years of ridicule and back pain because of her disproportionately large bust.

She has described how the ‘blessing’ turned out to be a curse, with one of her ex-boyfriend’s dad questioning whether she was a virgin because of them.

While at school, other children compared her to porn stars and referred to her as ‘Aminata, the girl with the big breasts’.

The law and business management student tried to get a reduction on the NHS but felt discouraged by a male GP who allegedly told her it was ‘very rare’ for the surgery to be publicly funded.

She told the Mirror: “When I started to feel self-conscious I thought I’ve got to do something about this.

“People used to sexualise me at school. People would say ‘your boobs are really big’ and it would make me feel really self conscious about my body.

“Then when I was 15 or 16 I was in a relationship and the boy I was with said his dad once said ‘is your girlfriend a virgin, her boobs are really big’.

“At the time I brushed it off. But as I got older I was like no one should be able to make those assumptions about my body.”

Aminata is desperate to fix her back pain and posture by having a reduction.

She said: “The pain is unbearable now. Going private and spending thousands of pounds is not something anyone wants to do but this type of pain and discomfort is not bearable.

“Bras dig into my torso and shoulders. I can’t sleep on my front because it’s uncomfortable.

“When I was younger I used to be energetic and did lots of sports but I can’t do that now. I can’t find a bra that supports me when I jump.”

Her struggle started when she hit puberty and her boobs ballooned in size.

Her breasts kept growing and she eventually became a double J cup size in Year 10.

“At secondary school people used to shout at me,” she told the Mirror.

“They would say your boobs remind me of this porn character. If people were going to refer to me they would say ‘Aminata, the girl with the big breasts’.

“Everyone assumed I was promiscuous but it wasn’t the case, I was a shy girl. It made me uncomfortable.”

At just 5ft 2, she found it extremely difficult to cope with her large bust.

“As I got older I also realised carrying my breasts around was having a severe effect on my posture,” she said.

When she entered college she struggled to fit into button-up shirts and said everything she wore made her look bigger.

She became hopeful when her boobs started to shrink, however this did not last long and her bra size is now a 32HH, which she says is too big for her ‘petite’ 5ft 4 frame. 

Her mum finally suggested surgery as a solution to her daughter’s problems.

A fear of going under the knife initially put her off the idea, however while at university last year she started researching the process.

She was inspired after watching YouTube videos of women who had undergone reductions and felt happier as a result.

Aminata, originally from London, decided to go to her GP to ask for the procedure, however she was instead sent for physiotherapy.

The exercises did not work and she was left feeling disheartened.

Her mum urged her to go back to the NHS and once again ask for a reduction.

Aminata said: “I called my GP in August and spoke to the head GP. I asked for breast surgery and he said ‘the NHS doesn’t do that… it’s very rare they will refer your case’.

“He was trying to discourage me.

She asked her GP one final time and was initially hopeful after she told her she would refer her for a reduction.

However, she has not heard back from her since and has now decided to go private.

She is asking for donations as a ‘last resort’ after a London clinic told her surgery could cost between £8,000 and £10,000.

Aminata, whose mum is a single parent, cannot afford the surgery because she is struggling to find a job which works around her study hours and pays enough to save for the operation

To donate to her GoFundMe page, which has so far received more than £1,200, click here.

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