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How to act with a ladayboy

Knowing how to have a conversation with transgenders can a great way to “break the ice” with them. Not knowing what topics to talk about with Ladyboys is one of the problems that most guys have around Asia.

Most men speak with ladyboys as if they are talking to another man — when in fact they should be flirting the same way as they would with a woman.

Emotionally Driven Opinions

Another point is that many men tend to get overly “emotional” or opinionated when they speak with a ladyboy. They may give them some harsh judgements throughout the conversation. What may seem innocent banter can sometimes come across as insulting to some ladyboys.

Refrain From Overly Personal Questions

Most ladyboys around Asia are friendly, with good intentions, but they may feel offended if you start asking to many personal questions without getting to know them first. There are also quite a few transgenders who may feel uncomfortable talking about there plans for gender altering surgery.

Stay Polite Throughout the Conversation

If you are interested to talk to ladyboys then you should do your best to be polite, and take there feelings into consideration. Do not forget that many ladyboys tend to have a confusing childhood, and also some forms of insecurities of not being accepted by friends and family members.

The reality is that many of them may carry these emotional scars for a lifetime. That is why they may be extra sensitive throughout the conversation, and they feel judged if you ask them something in the wrong tone, or with a condescending humor.

Avoid Condescending Comments

Saying derogatory statements, or putting them into “dirty” stereotypes is a sure way to make them have negative emotions for you. That is why it is advised to call them a lady, woman, or girl. Whatever you do, try not to call them a male or man.

A ladyboy is doing her best to feel like a biological woman, so you should try and encourage this behavior during your conversations with them. The more that you make a trans genders woman feel like a real woman, the more they tend to trust you with their emotions.

Most men should be extra flirtatious with a ladyboy. Although that may seem difficult at first, it can really help to carry the conversation towards better romantic results.

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