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British tourist in ‘horror’ Pattaya motorbike crash

Pattaya motorbike crash

British tourist in ‘horror’ Pattaya motorbike crash

An elderly British mother has issued a desperate plea for help after her son was involved in a horrific motorbike accident in Pattaya, Thailand.

Steven Foulkes, who is in his 50s, is currently alone and being treated at Pattaya Hospital near Bangkok after coming off his bike in a horrific crash.

As he did not have any travel insurance at the time of his accident, Steven’s medical bills have skyrocketed and are currently in excess of £17,000.

And his elderly mother Pamela, who is aged 86, is calling on her local community to help her in her efforts to bring her son home.

“Me and Steven had a big row and after we had both said things that we should not have, he left home,” she said.

“As I had not seen him for a few days, I reported him missing to the police and they soon got back to me that he had been involved in an accident in Thailand and was being treated in hospital.

“I have no idea what he was doing in Thailand, but as he had no insurance, the bills keep going up and up and up and are currently over £17,000.

Northwich Guardian:
Steven with his granddaughter and two daughters


“I am 86 years of age and have gone into debt raising what little I can on a very basic pension, and I need all the help that I can get to get my son home.

“Please help me to bring him home to a British hospital.”

Pamela has previously lost a son, Steven’s brother Brian, to a motorcycle accident, and she is determined to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Due to the language barrier, little is known about Steven’s condition, however he has been able to speak with his family and friends on the phone.

“He has showing signs of improvement when I have spoken with him recently, but he is very tired due to the medication he is on,” Pamela added.

“The positive thing was that he recognised who I was and he recognised one of his friends when they rang, which shows that his brain is still working.

“When he called me, he just said ‘Mum, please get me home’, and that is what I intend to do.”

Northwich Guardian:

Ricky Foulkes, Steven’s nephew, is desperately helping his grandmother to bring Steven home during what is a difficult time for the whole family.

“We do receive regular medical reports, but it is hard to get our heads around them, especially with the language barrier and getting in touch with the hospital,” he said.

“The news hit nan pretty hard, but it is a difficult time for all of us and it is just horrible for her to hear that someone so close to her has been involved in an accident.

“I am doing my best to keep everything going as normal, but it is hard when all we want is to bring him home to a British hospital.

“If someone has to go out there to be with him, then we will find a way to do it, but our main priority is to bring him home.”

The family has set up an online donations page and is urging local businesses and members of the public to help them to bring Steven back to the UK.

If you would like to donate, please visit


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