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Homeless man found dead in Pattaya Klang

At 6pm, on the afternoon of November 2, Pattaya Police and Sawang Boriboon medics were called to a pharmacy at 460/1 Pattaya Klang.

There medics attended to an unknown Thai man aged around forty-five who was wearing a blue shirt with black shorts, He had a long beard and mustache.

In his pockets was a small amount of cash and a packet of cigarettes and he had bottles of water and milk nearby.

Local witnesses have said he had been walking around the area during the afternoon holding his stomach. He sat at a table and appeared to fall asleep but when a friend arrived and tried to wake him it was discovered he was dead.

The unidentified man was known to local vendors as he often slept in the area and had never made trouble for anybody.

The local people have donated 3000 baht to pay for his funeral.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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