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Garbage man has his legs torn off near Soi Khao Noi

Soi Khao Noi

A  worker met an unfortunate end at 2 am this morning after a car had run into the back of a garbage truck that he was working from and had both his legs torn off

The incident happened along the railway line just off Khao Noi.

From the information that we have been given, the garbage truck had parked up alongside the railway line, maybe to have a break when the white Nissan had hit the back of the truck.

Cambodian National Mr. Merit had both his legs torn apart in the horrific accident and is now recovering in hospital. Rescue workers who had attended the scene this morning had put the man’s legs on ice as to try and save them before transporting the torn limbs to the hospital.

The Nissan driver Mr. Holy Siri, 38 years old had said that the whole area near Khao Noi is so dark at night and that is almost impossible to see a parked truck with no lights. By the time he had seen the truck it was too late to stop

it is not known at this point if Mr. Siri had been drinking but investigations are ongoing




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