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Highest Earning Legal Sex Worker In The US Makes £1m A Year

Highest Earning Legal Sex Worker In The US Makes £1m A Year

Highest Earning Legal Sex Worker In The US Makes £1m A Year

A sex worker who says she makes over $1 million per year has revealed what makes her so successful and why she loves her job.

Alice Little, 27, originally from Ireland, claims that she is the highest earning sex worker in the country, and that has said that she set herself a target of earning a million in a year, setting out a plan of what she would need to do to reach it.

Speaking to Refinery29 last December, Alice said: “A million dollars divided by 12 became a goal of $84,000 a month. If I have an overnight client every month, which is in the $20,000 range, that brings it down.

“Then I should have a range of five-figure parties between $10,000 and $15,000. If I have three of those, then I would only need to do so many $5,000 parties.”

Alice explained that in the brothel she works in, any sexual encounter is termed as a ‘party’.

She continued: “I set time aside to build connections with my guests and arrange my schedule so I could meet that goal – and now I’m even exceeding that.

“I believe seeing a legal sex worker when your relationship needs fine-tuning is just the same as going to a mechanic when your car needs repairs.

“We know, generally speaking, that the more successful individuals in our industry book somewhere between $400,000 and $700,000 in a calendar year.”

She added: “I’m almost doubling their performance, and it’s really astonishing.”

She says she helps people over come sexual anxiety, as well as helping couples to have better sex – including finding each partner’s ‘favourite positions’ and their sexual fantasies. She also helps couples experiment with threesomes, BDSM and kink.

She explained: “Having an expert like me show you how to engage in flogging, spanking, roping, role-play, domination and more can bring a new thrill to your sex life.”

In a piece written for HuffPo, Alice said: “Nothing ever felt as fulfilling as working in a legal brothel. It fits me perfectly.”

She is based at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada and works between 60-80 hours per week.

Alice regularly shares sex-related videos, including sex toy reviews and topics including masturbation and oral sex – but her sex work is only available by appointment.

She said: “All ladies work as independent contractors, which means we’re able to choose which services to offer, set our own rates and say no at any time for any reason.”

“According to Nevada law, it is only legal to agree upon activities and prices in person. The brothel then handles all payments and takes 50 per cent of whatever we book.”

She says there’s more to her than her looks and job, saying she is a professional in the industry and researches scientific studies around sex.

Speaking of an occasion when a film crew wanted to film what her job looks like, she recalled being asked to ‘crawl around’ on the floor and ‘blow kisses’ at the camera but asked them to leave the premises.

She added: “That’s representative of a Hollywood stereotype that I simply am not, nor does that stereotype actually exist.

“They’re trying to paint a fake story and to essentially take my professional business and pantomime it and mock it on film. It’s just so inappropriate.”

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