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High-profile men arrested for alleged paid sex with males under 18

A famous Thai university lecturer and a “high-society” man have been arrested for allegedly buying sex services from males under 18, a source at the Royal Thai Police’s Anti Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD) said on Wednesday.


A police probe concluded that the two men – who say they are innocent – were among some 200 members of a Line group chat targeting those who wanted sex with boys and would buy sex services arranged by a middleman who also worked as a convenience store employee.

Following their investigation that confirmed that boys were being solicited, APTD officers applied for arrest warrants for 6-7 suspects, including someone the police are labelling a “high-society” man, over charges of allegedly buying sex services from males under 18.

As well, the unnamed store employee faces charges of alleged human trafficking, the source said.

The university lecturer was allegedly later implicated as a customer, leading to issuance of an arrest warrant and his arrest on Wednesday.

ATPD officers are to host a press conference on Thursday to discuss both arrests at its head office in the government complex on Chaeng Wattana Road.

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