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Hermit crab filmed stuck inside bottle top on Koh Lanta

A tiny Hermit crab was filmed scuttles along the beach after getting stuck in a broken glass bottle top.

Awikaporn Chukaew, 25, spotted the two-inch long crustacean on Koh Lanta on Thursday night.

She filmed the little creature struggling to walk with the broken M150 energy drink bottle top on its back as music from bars played in the background.

Awikaporn said: ‘’I have a restaurant on the island and every night there are lots of hermit crabs running along the beach. I went out last week and saw one inside the broken bottle.

”I felt sorry for the crab. It will have a hard life. The M150 top is heavier than its normal shell.

‘’I want people to look at the video and think about what they do with their trash. Throwing rubbish into the sea has a bad effect on wildlife and the fish.

”I hope this video will make more people turn their attention to the environment.’’

Awikaporn picked up the creature and carefully removed the broken glass before releasing it back onto the sand to go on its way.

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