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Group of Russians allegedly attack beer bar owner in Pattaya-Video

Russians allegedly attack

A group of tourists, stated to be Russian by the victims, allegedly attacked a beer bar owner, staff and customers in Pattaya last week in a shocking incident that has been released by the beer bar owner in an attempt to catch the suspects and identify them.

50 year old Mr. Parinya ‘Tomas’ Rakthongsuk is the owner of Thomas & Mind Bar in Soi Lengkee in Central Pattaya.

He told The Pattaya News and Pattaya Message the incident happened on December 15. Late in the evening, near closing, three Russian men and one woman came to the bar. The group seemed intoxicated, especially one large man who was not wearing a shirt and struggling to walk. The group brought in their own beers purchased from elsewhere.

They asked a staff member for glasses for their beer but refused to order anything, according to Tomas. The staff refused to give them the items as they were not paying customers. Tomas ordered them to leave the bar after they became threatening and confrontational.

They were disappointed and left the bar and according to Mr. Tomas went to a bar nearby and were also asked to leave. After that, they allegedly started a fight in the street with another foreigner who was just passing by.

Mr. Tomas stated he stopped them from fighting the other foreigner. Those Russians then went back to Tomas’s bar, upset he stopped the fight and claimed according to Mr. Tomas that they were Russian mafia and can do anything they want.

It is at this point as the staff goes to throw them out again that one of the men, the shirtless one, knocks out Mr. Tomas with a closed fist to the face. Mr Thomas has filed a report with CCTV evidence to the Pattaya police.

However, police have not yet arrested suspects but are searching for them based on the information given.


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