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Grandson tries to kill Aunt believing she used dark magic on him

Grandson tries to kill Aunt believing she used dark magic on him

Sangwan Paechon a 58-year-old auntie came to the police station on the 12th of this month (July 2019) with her son to ask for protection from the police as her grandson was trying to kill her. The grandson is Yodying Nuansri 33 years old ran after the auntie with a knife. The auntie was in fear for her life and came running to the police for help.

The police went to her house in the City of Khon Kaen Province. They called for Yodying to come outside as they arrived at the house. He didn’t come out so the police went inside the house. The only person they found was Sangwan’s brother who was cleaning up broken glass that Yodying broke earlier while trying to kill the auntie.

Turns out Yodying took his motorbike out for a ride after auntie left for help. The Workpoint News Team went to visit Sangwan the auntie who is living in fear. Sangwan stated that the grandson has breast cancer. He sells ice cream for a living and usually returns home late at night. She was the one who raised him up since he was a tiny baby.

When he arrived home on the day of the incident, he was carrying a knife and a hammer. He walked towards Sangwan and stated that she used black magic to make him crazy so he was going to kill her. Sangwan begged for her life and prayed to Yodying’s feet to let her go. In the incident, there was the son, the husband, and another grandson, but no one tried to stop Yodying. Sangwan tried to crawl away slowly and when she saw the opportunity Sangwan got up and ran out of the house without looking back.

Yodying has been using drugs ever since he got divorced. He was also in jail 5 years ago for drug charges. When he left jail he became unemployed and went back to drugs. Sangwan had filed a report previously against Yodying but nothing came out of it. She hopes that the police will prosecute him as every time he uses drugs, Yodying will destroy items in her home.


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