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Google Penguin Roll out Complete, Spammers Beware

Google Penguin Roll out Complete

After waiting 2 years for this day to arrive, Google has finally announced that Penguin 4.0 algorithm’s roll out is complete. Penguin has gone real time with the hopes that catching spammy sites will be a piece of cake for Google going forward. See this resource on Penguin 4.0 here for a clear picture of what this algorithm takes into account and how you can be sure your site(s) aren’t affected.

Panda vs. Penguin

In an interview with Gary Illyes of Google, it was mentioned that the Google Panda algorithm demotes or adjusts a site’s ranking and does not devalue or ignore the spam, like Penguin 4.0 does. One of the characteristics of Penguin 4.0 is that it devalues pages by ignoring spammy links. Illyes says,

It is an adjustment. Basically, we figure that the site is trying to game our system, and unfortunately, successfully. So we will adjust the rank. We will push the site back just to make sure that it’s not working anymore.

Penguin Can Discount All Your Links, Good Or Bad

Gary Illyes went on to say:
… a statement I made about manual actions was phrased in a way that sounded like I was talking about Penguin – that was incorrect and I apologize for the confusion. What I was trying to get across is that, when there are clear signs of search manipulation, manual actions may be used to discredit links.

In his tweets he is making it very clear that they are ready and prepared for any spammers that are scheming to manipulate their system.

Penguin and link source

Illyes goes on to tell us that SEO companies and Webmasters should be more focused on their links than concerning themselves with Penguin issues. He makes the point of telling us that it’s not as much the link, but more the source that the link is coming from. You want to make sure that your links are coming from quality sites. The good thing is that instead of discounting the links and demoting the links, Penguin is just going to ignore them.

We’ve documented a lot of similarities between affected sites. This has lead us to some link building best practices that we STRONGLY urge all of you to implement.

Penguin is NOT machine learning

Some started speculating that Penguin might be a machine-learning algorithm after its release last month. Google’s RankBrain, Google’s machine learning algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to ensure Google is serving the highest quality search results, does make people wonder what other algorithms might be doing the same.

But once again in a tweet, Illyes assures us that we have no need to worry about Penguin going AI on us.

Get a Top Down Understanding of Penguin

We highly recommend that you check out this very informative video by Moz to get a better idea of how Penguin works, starting from when Penguin first rolled out to the latest 4.0 version. It’s easy to get confused on what Google update targets which signals and so on.

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