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More Gold Snatching

Gold snatch attempt in North Pattaya

At around 10pm on December 26th, police were called to investigate an attempted gold robbery. The incident took place outside a Thai restaurant up in North Pattaya. Arriving on the scene, the police found a Thai businessman, 36 year old, holding part of a gold chain.

The owner of a dental clinic in Sri Richa, he had been travelling through Pattaya and had stopped off to grab something to eat. As he was locking his car, a young Thai male approached quickly on a motorbike and made a grab for the 3 baht gold chain that the businessman was wearing worth just under 60,000 Baht.

Luckily the youth missed, sort of, and only managed to get away with a small piece that snapped off.

Police and now looking at evidence and cctv in order to catch the offender. This investigation continues.

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