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These girls are great at pounding, so they say

These girls are great at pounding, so they say

Taking a different sartorial approach than most street food vendors, who often wear a flannel to protect themselves from the sun, the three women in this pic make somtam on a beach in swimwear and skimpy outfits. Of course, it’s going viral in Thailand.

The video, reportedly filmed on Koh Samet, starts with a would-be filmmaker approaching the three ladies asking, “Are you guys somtam vendors?”

“Yes, we’re good at pounding!” one of the girls said with a wink. “So delicious!” she added.

If you’re not familiar with how somtam is made, her pun refers to the Thai method of pounding lime, chilis, fish sauce and papaya slices using a mortar and pestle.

Before you get too excited and book a trip to Koh Samet, most people think the girls are just having fun and are probably not real somtam vendors, but beachgoers who were pretending for fun.

“Real somtam vendors are old and wear a hat to cover their faces from the sun. These girls are just pretending. Don’t get excited. Girls in tight, short clothing are everywhere for you to ogle,” one comment said.

We’re not sure what the commenter was talking about, since there seem to be a lot of sexy street vendors, selling everything from fried bananas to omelets.

Don’t worry ladies, there are sexy male vendors too. Like these hunky durian sellers in Sing Buri.

In other news, over 11 million people have watched this video of a busty Thai model making somtam in her kitchen.

Source: Coconuts

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