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Shock as prostitutes are found in Pattaya

At 6.30pm, on the afternoon of October 11, Banglamung police received shocking reports that a Spa, located on Soi Chalermprakiet, was really offering sexual services.

A team was immediately dispatched in an effort to ensure that only ‘legal business’ was being practiced at the premises.

A sting was organised and, as officers surrounded the building, one went inside armed with 3000 baht in cash to find out what it could buy.

The money was accepted and the officer was led to Room 1 where he discovered a naked Thai lady ready to give him a massage. Condoms and lubricant were found on a bedside shelf.

Officers raided and arrested forty-two-year old Spa owner, Mr. Pruttipong Limsanguan and his twenty-four-year old business manager Ms. Dujdao Aransiri.

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A thorough search revealed food and drinks bills, staff wage slips, more condoms and lubricant gels, shower gel and massage oil. There were many used condoms in the waste bins and these were collected as evidence.

Four thai ladies, who were ‘waiting for customers’ were arrested and three of them failed drugs tests.

Officers also found evidence of explicit conversations between female staff and customers on a Line App and naked photographs had been sent during the last month.

There have been six charges;

1. Providing and conducting prostitution
2. Owning prostitute business
3. Advertising for prostitution
4. Selling alcohol without permit
5. Opening the business without permit
6. Stocking and selling food without permit

It is not known if there has been any re-enactment of the crime scene.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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