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Thai Gangs fight ends with Serious Injuries

A fight between 2 rival Thai gangs ends with serious injury

At around 3:30am on February 24th, Police and emergency services were called to Soi Gor Pai in South Pattaya after reports of a fight between 2 rival gangs.

Arriving at the scene, police found the body of a young Thai male, laid out in the middle of the road. He had suffered some serious injuries to his body, but more notably, his face. Paramedics were quick to treat him at the scene, making sure everything was safe before moving the body and rushing him off to hospital.

An eye witness to the incident came forward and told police that he had seen a fight break out between 2 rival gangs. He was not sure what caused the fight, but it seemed to escalate fairly quickly. It soon became apparent that 1 gang was far superior to the other, and it didn’t take long for the weaker gang to make a run for it. Unfortunately, one of the members wasn’t able to get away in time, and the fight turned into a 1 vs. 6 scenario. Kicking and punching the victim on the ground, the gang made their getaway after seeing the victim lay unconscious in the middle of the road.

Police and emergency services were called immediately.

No one at the scene wa able to identify any of the gang members, so police will now be looking at CCTV images for any clues that may lead them to the people involved.

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