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Galaxy Club on Pattaya Walking Street

Galaxy Club on Pattaya Walking Street

Welcome to Galaxy. a club with a difference. That difference the girls, atmosphere and a lot more. These ladies are eastern European from places such as Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, a difference to your typical thai Gogo.

As a Cabaret, this one stands out and is one of the oldest clubs of its kind here in Pattaya. All night long you are dazzled with professional dancing shows, that include pole dancing just to name one of many.

If you are a single and fun-loving person then Galaxy is the best destination for you. Galaxy is the best show where girls perform, dance and entertain you.

This is the place to come, have fun and enjoy your night. As we all know about the nightlife of Walking Street Galaxy is the best one among all.

So if you want to enjoy every moment of your time here, then this destination is perfect.

Galaxy Club

Galaxy Club is an Exotic Cabaret Club, a club with a difference. At Galaxy, you won’t find anyone asking you “Hello what your name, where you come from, you buy me cola cola?…” None of the dancing ladies or hostesses here are Thai.

European Girls

The gorgeous girls at Galaxy Club come from Eastern Europe including Russia and are all expert performers, doing all kinds of erotic on-stage but also private shows.

High-end Entertainment

Although prices are definitely up a notch compared to other venues on Walking Street, they are justified by the higher level of entertainment & service, great decor and quality interaction with the girls. Too bad there isn’t such a place in Bangkok!

The décor

Once inside, it seems more like a lounge than a club. Stone carvings of the Buddha on the walls, soft lighting, and luxury sofas neatly lined around the walls. Thick carpet lines the floor and small parties sit around drinking and watching. Girls either dance publicly on the tables, or for a more intimate experience in private booths. Galaxy Club definitely has a feeling of exclusivity and is in a class of its own on Walking Street.

Teaser Show

As Bars go, Galaxy Club stands out from any other in Pattaya. Firstly, it has its own teaser show. Two see-through glasses boxes on the second floor overlook Walking Street. Many tourists stop and watch the elegant ladies dancing and are then greeted by a group of lovely East European girls inviting them to join them.

Other Galaxy Clubs in Thailand

There are two other Galaxy Clubs in Thailand, one on Koh Samui and the other on Phuket. These clubs form a part of an international top-class club business.

Galaxy Erotic Cabaret Club, “A world-class club on Walking Street Pattaya.”

Opening Times 9 pm till 3 am daily

Twitter: GalaxyAgency


Website: galaxypattaya



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