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Freelance Thai girlfriend is charged with theft and fraud

Freelance Thai girlfriend is charged with theft and fraud

When a 70-year-old Thai billionaire’s wealth dropped from billions to just under 10 million baht, he accused his free-lance prostitute partner of 18 years of fraud and theft. The man claims that his 45-year-old female partner deceived him into selling his fancy vehicle and real estate.

The Thai billionaire reported the incident to the authorities, saying he was not worried about possible criticism and hoped to regain his possessions.
The woman was a freelance prostitute, and the male knew that because they had first met through a mutual friend. He was first impressed, so he urged her to give up her job and started taking care of her.
She received a monthly stipend of between 50,000 and 100,000 baht from the Thai billionaire in addition to a brand-new red BMW. They never went to her house during their relationship; instead, they met at hotels or shopping centers.
For the woman and her father, he also bought an Audi PT Sport and a Mercedes-Benz. After three months of dating, the woman stated her father was ill and required surgery costing about 300,000 baht. He gave her the cash for the procedure and kept on splurging on designer and high-end stuff for her.

After two years, the man started to wonder why she never took him to her home and only met him in malls. In spite of her protestations to the contrary, he hired someone to follow her and discovered she was renting an apartment. When the woman returned to him after a year apart, he purchased her another BMW.

Wealth dwindling

The man acknowledged that he often provided the woman money, occasionally giving her 1 to 2 million baht or even 10 million baht at her request. Realizing that his resources were exhausted, he made the decision to hire his children to help him establish a medical equipment distribution business for her to run.
He became wary of her again because she routinely went to parties with another man. He was persuaded by the woman to sell his Bentley automobile as well as his pricey Bulgari, Cartier, and Patek Philippe watches, which were each valued millions of dollars. According to KhaoSod, he has now launched a lawsuit against her to recover assets valued roughly 30 million baht.
The man admitted that, even though he is aware that sharing this fraud allegation about his girlfriend may result in criticism, he does not care because she robbed him. He was formerly a billionaire, but today he only has about 10 million baht. He wants to retrieve some of his possessions since he thought the woman would look after him as he got older.


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