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Free-runner leaps between pillars and scales crumbling ledges at the top of Bangkok’s 600ft Ghost Tower in hair-raising stunt


A free-runner caught his hair-raising stunt on camera as he jumped between pillars and scaled the crumbling ledges of the 600ft Ghost Tower in Bangkok.

The GoPro footage was recorded by Oliver Nordin in January after he and a friend snuck past security to gain access to the abandoned skyscraper in Thailand’s capital.

In the video, the 29-year-old can be seen strolling through debris that has been left scattered across the floor before reaching up to haul himself over a breeze-block wall.

Freerunner posts heart-stopping video scaling skyscraper

He walks unsteadily along a thin ledge before reaching out to grab a quivering metal fence pole.

He raises his right foot and hops up on to a strut of the fence while carefully avoiding the rusty barbed wire.

The professional parkour athlete desperately tries to maintain his balance as the fence shakes vigorously beneath him.

He quickly scans the area to assess his next move before letting out a noise of exasperation to a friend who is following in his path.

One of the men says ‘did you see him?’ in reference to a security guard before making a second attempt to overcome the fence.

Oliver leaps down to the ground with a grunt and helps his friend slither underneath the wire.

The pair begin to grasp on to one of the pillars until a man can be heard shouting at them in the distance.

They stop touching the walls and start to pace around nonchalantly as the shadowy figure, believed to be a security guard, walks toward them.

The group have a brief exchange before the guard gets distracted and thinks someone else has gone up the side of the building.

In the meantime, Oliver and his friend sneak away and decide to continue their adventure.

Oliver says ‘let’s try quick’ before throwing himself toward the pillar and starting to climb using only intermittently spaced metal spokes that are sticking out by just inches.

He eventually steps on to one of the levels and waits for his friend who is following the same route.

The pair fist-bump and begin exploring to find the perfect setting to perform their death-defying stunts.

They climb several flights of stairs to reach the very top floor which is covered in graffiti.

Oliver pans the camera to take in the views across the whole of Bangkok, including the Chao Phraya River, before beginning his parkour stunts.

He sits on one of the stone railings before leaping toward a metal crane several floors below.

He hops over it and rolls across the tiled floor before edging along a series of tiny ridges with no safety net despite being almost 600ft above street level.

He continues to leap from pillar to pillar and teeters dangerously on the edges without a care in the world.

Oliver eventually climbs up to the highest point of the entire building as the sun begins to set before taking the camera from his head to show his face.

The friends later sent a drone camera out to get more footage of their adventure, which is where the video ends.

Oliver originally posted the footage to his YouTube channel, @olivernordin1, alongside a caption that read: ‘It was a great feeling because the odds were against us but we finally made it up and had an amazing sunset view over Bangkok.’

The free-runner, originally from Sweden, later said: ‘Me and Julius Brander went to climb Bangkok’s abandoned 50-storey Ghost Tower.

‘In recent years it has been easy to get up by bribing the guards.

‘It rapidly grew famous among tourist. With over a hundred people entering on some weekends, the governments only option was to reinforce security.

‘We knew it had been almost impossible to get up the Ghost tower for the previous weeks but we decided to try anyway.

‘When we arrived a crowd of tourists was waiting outside, trying to find a way to get in.

‘I climbed the fence to see if there was a way in or if the guard could be bribed. The topless non English speaking guard refused.

‘I climbed back out and heard stories about how the guard had taken bribes from a group of ten people and ran away with the money without letting them in.

‘Another group of people said the guard had chased people off with a machete.

‘People eventually gave up and went away. We didn’t.

‘We climbed the fence and tried to find a way to climb on the outside of the building. The guard found us and thought we had another friend who already climbed up. He went to look for him.

‘Me and Julius started walking in the other direction and quickly found an alternative route to get up.’

The official name for the infamous Ghost Tower is the Sathorn Unique skyscraper.

It was intended to be a luxury condominium but construction had to be abandoned amid the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

It has since been left to crumble but still proves hugely popular for urban explorers despite it being both illegal and dangerous to enter the building.

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