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Four Happy endings on one flight

A man who jerked one off four times on a two-and-a-half-hour flight has been banned for life from Southwest Airlines.

Antonio Sherrodd McGarity allegedly pulled his pants down and masturbated mid-air at least four times during the journey from Seattle to Phoenix on Saturday morning.

The woman sat next to him took pictures and reported him to a flight attendant when he fell asleep after around an hour of pleasuring himself.

She was allowed to move to another seat.

When the plane landed, she told police that she had seen him masturbating ‘on four separate occasions, using both his left and right hands.’

He told the FBI that he had asked the woman if she minded whether he masturbates.

A criminal complaint said: ‘McGarity admitted to law enforcement that he had masturbated during his flight from Seattle, Washington, to Phoenix, Arizona, and that he had an orgasm.’

McGarity said she put her hands in the air and said ‘it really doesn’t matter’ so he continued, adding that he thought it was ‘kind of kinky’.

A spokesman said: ‘The situation was reported to crew members while in flight, and the Captain contacted law enforcement to meet the aircraft upon arrival.

‘We immediately placed the passenger on our No-Fly List, resulting in a lifetime ban from traveling on Southwest.’

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