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Former Ballerina Makes £75,000 Per Month Selling Her Dirty Laundry

Former Ballerina

A former ballerina says besotted fans buy so much of her dirty laundry that she barely needs to do any washing.

Yaela Vonk, who lives in Spain, claims to make £75,000 ($95,000) a month with fans buying her underwear, socks and sports shoes – and it seems it’s a case of ‘the stinkier the better’.

Dutch-born Yaela, who studied at the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Ballet in The Hague, recently started selling photos and videos online to make ends meet amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She explains: “I believe I was lucky. I am very sad to know about the businesses that have gone bankrupt due to coronavirus, and I feel very sorry for the many people that due to this situation are without a job or money.
“Until not long ago I was dancing at big venues throughout the world – particularly in Ibiza, where clubs right now cannot open until they’ve found a vaccine.

“Many of my former dance colleagues are not able to do their jobs now.”

However, thanks to her canny pivot to selling photos online, Yaela is now more than solvent financially.

She adds: “I never expected that so many men would like to pay so much for me, I am so grateful for that.
“With my own business right now, being an Instagram model, influencer and Onlyfans content creator, my earnings have gone rocket high during the lockdown.

“I am making almost $100,000 a month, and I’m even buying my own house. This is something I never have imagined in my life, ever!”

Through OnlyFans, and her lucrative sideline selling underwear to kinky followers, Yaela has built up a dedicated audience – some of whom have some niche interests that very few can satisfy.

She explains: “Since I am known for my flexibility as a ballerina, a lot of people subscribe to my private page to see this flexibility on another level.

“They ask me to suck my own toes, and do all crazy yoga poses for them. The foot fetish lovers are very normal to me now – because I am a ballerina I can point my toes well, and apparently what foot fetishists love most is the wrinkly part, the soles of the feet. The soles get even wrinklier when point your feet.”

Yaela has even taken this distinctive sexy-contortionist schtick out onto the street – although not everybody is a fan.

“I love walking outside with tight clothes, showing all my assets, and I stretch anywhere I can,” she says. “The weirder the spot, the better.

“I have stretched on the streets in various places and cities throughout the world. Police almost took my passport in Rome while caught me filming in front of The Colosseum. Whatever, it gives me a kick just seeing people’s reaction.

“My fans just love to buy up used underwear, socks, even smelly sports shoes. I don’t even need a washing machine – just get the clothes dirty, send them out, and then I buy new ones.”

Yaela believes building a solid fan base is about the little touches.

“When you treat fans good, give them personal attention and give them extra gifts now and then, they will keep supporting you,” she says. Sound advice, tbf.
You can follow Yaela on Instagram here.

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