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Foreigner goes berserk, attacks Thai auntie near Pattaya

An unidentified foreigner, one who speaks fluent Thai, went berserk with a thin wooden stick and attacked an elderly woman at her home in a residential area near Pattaya this morning.
In a video captured when police arrived at the scene, the expat can be seen yelling at locals who have gathered to protect the Thai woman.
“You did this! You lied! F*cker!” he screams in Thai, pointing at the crowd.
The 65-year-old victim, identified only as “Auntie Tid,” told police that the strange farang randomly showed up at her home and chased her with a stick. At some point, he even managed to put her in a headlock.
“I didn’t let him into the house, but he climbed the fence!” she told police.

She then ran to her neighbour, a younger Thai man, for help. In the video, the Thai man is seen wearing a helmet and chasing the stick-wielding foreigner out of the neighborhood with a golf club.
“Get away, you animal!” the Thai man yells in the video.
Police put the farang in handcuffs, then in the back of their pickup truck. When reporters tried to quizzed him about his background , he said in Thai that he came to the country to become a monk, and had been ordained in Ayutthaya, where he lived as a monk for six months.
Asked if he was under the influence of alcohol, he told the reporters, “I’m not drunk.”
He is currently being detained by police, and the victim has been asked to file a report. BN – EP

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