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Foreigner blamed as Thai tries to undertake on bike

Foreigner blamed as Thai tries to undertake on bike

A recent road accident that occurred in Pattaya has gone viral on Thai media after a Thai tried to undertake of foreigner in a pickup.

Most of the Thai community are screaming out for justice and want the book thrown at the foreigner. They say CCTV is conclusive evidence.

It begs the question, is undertaking legal on Thai roads?

The CCTV footage shows a coming together as Surasak Sutham rides his bike on the inside of the pick-up that is turning into some shops on the left on Chaipornwithee Road heading towards Sukhumvit.

Needless to say, Surasak came flying off his bike and suffered several injuries to his body and face, though none are said to be serious.

Amazingly, police have not yet viewed the CCTV footage, as they claim that the flash drive it is saved on is not working.

A female witness at a paint shop claimed that the foreigner had not indicated he would turn. She said she ran out and didn’t see the indicator on.

A meeting was arranged at the local police station between the two parties, yet initial reports suggest that the foreigner involved failed to turn up.

There is an overwhelming response from local news agencies as well as online for the book to be thrown at the foreigner, but it really is worrying that driving demonstrated by the Thai man should be tolerated.

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