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Foreign woman taking a risk at Suvarnabhumi

Foreign woman taking a risk at Suvarnabhumi

Little is known about the mystery woman that hung dangerously for two hours inside Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday — but many people are taking guesses about who she is now that she is safe.

The foreign woman, who appears to be very fit and may have been performing a gymnastics stunt of some kind, has a tattoo that reads “2014 Olympics” on her back, leading many to believe she might be a professional athlete.

She appears to be between 20 and 30 years old, by the guesses of onlookers, many who seemed quite pleased with — what seemed to be — a challenging gymnastics performance as she moved between several different positions, hanging from her knees as well as from the front of her feet, while dangling from suspended cables near the sixth-floor level — about 20 meters high — near the large glass wall that many will recognize from the passenger terminal, reported Bangkok Post.

She stayed on the cables for more than two hours before dropping onto safety airbags set up by medical staff below. She did not appear to drop of her own free will. It looks like she lost her balance, screamed, and briefly caught herself on a lower cable before falling to the airbag. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced in safe condition.

Her identity remains a mystery, though airport staff said she looks European. She was wearing a grey tank top, shorts, and sports wristbands.

Airport staff tried to talk to her for several hours without response. After she dropped, they confirmed that she was not carrying identification and she still refused to speak. Police are waiting to hear her story and have given her food and water.

Officials at Suvarnabhumi are now discussing how to increase safety precautions at the airport since she was apparently easily able to get herself in this perilous position.

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