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Food hygiene standards PLUMMET in Thailand

Food hygiene standards

Food hygiene standards PLUMMET in Thailand

About 50 health volunteers from Buri Ram province were admitted to Kabin Buri Hospital on Tuesday night after suffering diarrhoea while returning from a eld trip to Chon Buri.

A total of 216 Or Sor Mor from Buri Ram’s Khu Muang district were taken on six buses on a field trip to Chon Buri.

On the way back to Buri Ram early on Tuesday night, they made a unscheduled stop at a petrol station in Kabin Buri district because some of them urgently needed to go to the toilet.

More quickly followed with the same problem, bringing the number suffering diarrhoea to about 50.

They were rushed to Kabin Buri Hospital about 9.40pm for treatment. A team of eight doctors and about 20 nurses were assigned to take care of them.

They were given injections for diarrhoea and soon recovered, but were left weak, and were later able to continue their journey back to Buri Ram.

Wanlop Prawatwong, the Kabin Buri district chief, said they had eaten a buffet lunch in Chon Buri before leaving on the return trip.

In recent weeks there have been several fatalities that have been attributed to poor food standards in local markets and restaurants as vendors appear to be shifting old and unsold produce onto unsuspecting customers.

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