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Flashy New Skywalk in Siam delights both locals and tourists

Flashy New Skywalk in Siam delights both locals and tourists

After a two-year-long renovation, the skywalk above Pathumwan Intersection reopened on Friday and now doubles as the city’s newest art space.

The skywalk links major attractions in the Siam Square area, including Siam Square, Bangkok Art & Culture Center, Siam Discovery and MBK.

In case you’re trying to interpret the circle-shaped art installations on the skywalk, they are designed to look like lotus leaves in a swamp, because Pathumwan, the intersection running beneath it, means “lotus” in Thai.

Developers of the project hope to attract artists from all over the world to come and showcase their work in the very near future.

The local businesses that funded the new attraction are hoping it will become a new landmark along the lines of Highline New York and Seoul Sky Garden.

The lead engineer told reports that the project turned out exactly, if not better, than they had hoped for when planning the design. He said that his team had worked perfectly from start to finish and met every deadline.

The project is still not 100% complete however, with only the name missing. Developers are preparing to call out for public help to name their new skywalk in a contest format.

Source: Coconuts

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