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Five year plan to recover Pattaya

Pattaya began work on its latest five-year development plan, the first to strategize for a post-pandemic world.

Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome chaired a meeting for the first draft of the 2023-27 development plan, which currently is no more than an outline.

Pattaya’s five-year plans are normally updated every year, but none was written last year as the coronavirus washed over the country.

Now city leaders have to rip up the 2019 master plan and build in the damage and changes that the pandemic wrought on the city’s economy, educational system and environment.

The new plan will cover five major points:

  1. Upgrading quality of life and safety for everyone
  2. Upgrading efficiency of infrastructure to support EEC
  3. Promoting balance and environmentally friendly economic innovations
  4. Sustainable management of natural resources and environment
  5. Upgrading Pattaya management to be a high-performance digital organization.

The bars and gogos are now open but reporting a slow start, also with the price of airfares this is adding to the

tourist towns problems.

Things will become good again like anything its just a matter of time

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